MOTFL Episode 32: Punitive Frameworks Part I: Conversations Between friends Series #4 In this episode we discuss the policy frameworks and philosophical assumptions underneath current punitive systems including policing and schools.

MOTFL Episode 31: Allyship: Moving from Performativity to Authenticity: Conversations Between Friends Series #3 In this episode, we discuss what it means to be an ally, the difference between performative and authentic allyship, how allyship differs from friendship or being a coalition partner, and stigma jumping vs intersectional activism and advocacy.

MOTFL Episode 30: Defunding the Police: Conversations Between Friends Series #2
In this episode, the founders of Mothers on the Frontline discuss defunding the police in schools and what it means for children’s mental health.

MOTFL Episode 29: “White Lady Tears” Conversations Between Friends Series #1
In this episode, the founders of Mothers on the Frontline discuss grief, racial privilege, policing, and the perfomativity of emotion.

MOTFL Episode 28: “Kate, a Mother from Iowa” Just Ask Mom Series #22|
Kate is a mother from Iowa whose children have autism, anxiety, ADHD, sensory processing disorder and prosopagnosia. In this episode, she discusses what it was like when her son was first diagnosed, adjusting each year to new teachers, and what it is like to go through the ups and downs of parenting children who are ‘differently wired’.

MOTFL Episode 27: “Raising a child with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Anxiety” Just Ask Mom series # 21
In this episode of Just Ask Mom, we listen to a mother of a 9 year old diagnosed with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Anxiety in 2014.

MOTFL Episode 26: “Fostering over 100 Children”  Just Ask Mom series # 20
A foster and adoptive parent shares her experience of caring for  her biological, adoptive and foster children.

MOTFL Episode 25:You are everyone you’ve ever been”: Just Ask Mom series # 19
Diana shares her experience mothering a 17 year old daughter with anxiety and depression.

MOTFL Episode 24: “Bipolar in the Teen Years and Beyond in Rural Iowa”
Just Ask Mom series # 18:
Jill discusses caring for her son whose bipolar disorder surfaced during the teen years. She describes the lack of resources in rural Iowa, the criminalization of mental illness and how that affected her family. She explains how this journey as a mother makes you learn who you are as a person and how strong you can be.

MOTFL Episode 23: “It Doesn’t  Have to be this Way”
Just Ask Mom series # 17

In this episode, we listen to Melissa, a mother from rural Iowa, share her story about raising a son with severe depression. Please be advised that this interview discusses suicide and may be triggering for some of our audience.

MOTFL Episode 22: “Miss Diva on Raising a Child with Schizoaffective Disorder”
Just Ask Mom series # 16
In this episode, we listen to Miss Diva from the USA speak about raising sons with Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar, ADHD,  PTSD and Seizures in the African-American community. Please be advised that this interview contains  content about domestic abuse and may be upsetting for some audience members.

MOTFL Episode 21: “Tank Mentality” Ask the Advocate series # 6: 
In this episode, we  hear from John “Tank” Miller of Delaware. A Family Advocate and father of a 19 year old with mental health challenges, John discusses his mental health advocacy through social media and how he uses “Tank Mentality” to provide those with mental illness encouragement every day.

MOTFL Episode 20: “Advocating for Foster Kids”: Ask the Advocate series # 5: 
In this episode, we listen to Andre Minett, a father of two, husband, and social worker. He discusses his experience advocating for foster children and his own experience as a father with a child with health condition.

MOTFL Episode 19: Just Ask Mom series # 15: In this episode, we listen to Cheryl who overcame and found the new Cheryl.  This mother of three shares her powerful story of overcoming trauma and serious illness to advocate for her children with special needs. Please be advised that this episode contains discussion of sexual abuse and a suicide attempt.

MOTFL Episode 18: “The difficulty of getting the right diagnosis and juggling work and care giving” Just Ask Mom series # 14: In this episode, we listen to Suzette Southfox, a Southern California parent of a 19 year-old son with depression, anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She tells us about her over ten-year journey with children’s mental health. She discusses the importance of honoring the strength of our children and others with depression who fight each day to get out of bed.

MOTFL Episode 17: “Shanta: Mother, Clinician and Advocate Shares her Story”
Ask the Advocate series # 4:

In this episode, we listen to Shanta, a mother of three, clinician, advocate and proponent of self-care. She discusses raising a daughter who struggles mood disorder and suicidal ideation.

MOTFL Episode 16: “Raising Children with Both Visible and Invisible Disabilities”
Ask the Advocate series # 3:

In this episode, we listen to an advocate with MomBiz Boss and a mother of children who experience developmental and mental health challenges. She speaks about being a mother of color and the experiences of raising children with both visible and invisible disabilities.

MOTFL Episode 15: Ask the Advocate series # 2: Tiwanna Bailey, the Founder and CEO of HYPED4U, a mentor, and advocate for mental health and other disabilities share her advocacy journey.

MOTFL Episode 14: “Fidelia’s Journey to Advocacy: From Incarceration to Family Advocate” Ask the Advocate series # 1
Fidelia, a Northern California mother of two sons with behavioral challenges and a 11 year old daughter with anxiety, discusses her journey with mental illness, motherhood and advocacy.

MOTFL Episode 13: Just Ask Mom series # 13: Bree Jackson, a mother and autism advocate from middle Georgia speaks about importance of insurance coverage for invisible disabilities.

MOTFL Episode 12: Just Ask Mom series # 12: A mother of two sons with behavioral challenges and an 11 year old daughter with anxiety speaks about her journey from her own mental health challenges to motherhood to advocacy.

MOTFL Episode 11: Just Ask Mom, series # 11: A mother of three and Family Partner with North Carolina Families United discusses the barriers families face when trying to get mental health services for their children. She shares her own experience of moving her family to another county in order to get mental health services for her child.

MOTFL Episode 10: “Rebuilding the ‘Map’ of a Child’s Brain After Trauma”
Just Ask Mom series #10

A father speaks about adopting a son from foster care with RAD (Radical Attachment Disorder).

MOTFL Episode 9: “Asperger’s, Bullying, and Unsolicited Advice”
Just Ask Mom series # 9

A mother speaks out about her son’s reason diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and bullying.

MOTFL Episode 8: “Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder and What a Good Day Looks Like” Just Ask Mom series # 8:
A mother of three discusses her son’s Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD).

MOTFL Episode 7: “Filling up your Cup, so it can run Over for Others”
Just Ask Mom series # 7
Alissa, a mother of five kids with special needs, discusses how self-care is a critical component in caring for others.

MOTFL Episode 6: “When They See Your Child as ‘Different’ and Turn Away”
Just Ask Mom series # 6
A mother and Grandmother of a young boy with Tourette’s discuss the importance of having a support network.

MOTFL Episode 5: “Raising her Grandson after he Experienced Abuse”
Just Ask Mom series # 5
A grandmother shares her story about taking in and raising her grandson after he experienced abuse.

MOTFL Episode 4: The Importance of Not Taking your Child’s Behavior Personally
Just Ask Mom series # 4
An adoptive mother of two sons from foster care talks about the importance of not taking your child’s behavior personally, the gift of adoption, and the importance of laughter.

MOTFL Episode 3: “Raising a Young Son with Tourette’s Syndrome”
Just Ask Mom series # 3

An Iowa Mother talks about raising a young son with Tourette Syndrome, the importance of building relationships and community for support and the importance of self-care.

MOTFL Episode 2: “On Raising Children with Schizophrenia Decades Ago”
Just Ask Mom series # 2
A mother and advocate talks about raising a child with schizophrenia, coming to terms with the diagnosis and self-care.

MOTFL Episode 1: “Raising a Son with Schizophrenia”
Just Ask Mom series #1
Anna speaks about her experience raising her son with early-onset schizophrenia.